Maximize Your Profit and Efficiency With Our Help

We understand the importance of providing effective customer services. This is why ICS Medical Answering Service has the goals of helping you save time and money, increasing your sales, and reducing your in-house cost for personnel.

How We Do It

All businesses need an answering service to ensure customer calls are answered promptly and professionally, even after hours. All agents are based in the USA.

We offer a wide range of services, including taking messages, scheduling appointments, providing customer support, and forwarding urgent calls to the appropriate personnel.

Customer Feedback


Paula Reynolds – Family Practice Clinic

“Our Doctors and Patients love the service you give them. Never a wrong number and you never call the wrong Doctor. You’re always there when we need you.”


Frank Moe – Commercial and Residential Real Estate

“Your company has saved us tens of thousands of dollars by providing quick answers to our phone lines and taking care of building emergencies immediately and without errors.”


Dick Brant – Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Office Manager

“We love the true per-call billing. No more trying to guess what kind of “time” usage we were actually paying for with our former service, thanks to your transparency, it’s no longer a mystery.”


Arthur Hobart – Utility Company Service Manager

“Service has been perfect, and we’re happy we made the switch to your Company. Now we realize that you are the best alternative out there. Glad we took the time to investigate. You provided us with the perfect opportunity to give stellar service to our customers.”

Experience Our Services

Get in touch with our team for any questions or clarification, and begin the process of utilizing our services to maximize your organization’s efficiency.