Answering Service for Contractors

A woman provides virtual receptionist service for a contractor business.

Most contractors are so busy they can barely pick up the phone. It’s one of the most frequent complaints about home services companies, but there is a simple solution that will help your company maintain a professional image without breaking the bank. A phone answering service for contractors that will provide live customer service representatives to answer your customer calls around the clock. Every call is answered promptly and professionally to ensure no missed opportunities.

Who We Serve

Our team of professional phone support staff have experience serving a number of home services and trades businesses including:

  • Plumbing Companies
  • HVAC Companies
  • Construction Company
  • Electricians
  • Landscapers
  • Locksmiths
A man provides phone answering services for a plumbing business.

The Benefits of Using Answering Services

Customized Live Answering Service

Having live virtual receptionists representing your company is much better than a preprogrammed voicemail or missed call. A live answering service also provides more customized support since a live person can actually understand your customers individual needs rather that simply providing predefined options. This can be used to help filter out unnecessary calls and customers that aren’t a good fit for your business.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Get a leg up on the competition by always being available to answer calls from your customers. Never miss new inquiries or potential leads again. Your customers will be overjoyed with your professional service and you will have time to grow your business uninterrupted. Our phone answering service is the ideal solution for any contractor looking to provide exceptional customer service.

After Hours Answering Service

Phone calls are unpredictable and can come at anytime. Our answering services are available after hours to field incoming calls for you. Whether you need support 24/7 for emergency call outs or just during regular business hours, weekends, and holidays, our phone answering service can help you.

Save Money & Time

Don’t waste valuable time and money hiring an in house receptionist. Our virtual receptionist team will answer phone calls, schedule appointments for estimates, and even help collecting payments. All for a lower price and less time spent managing another employee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use live phone operators?

Yes, our phone operators are always a real person for our phone answering service. Your customers will never be directed to an automated voicemail. No more losing potential clients to missed calls!

How much does a contractor answering service cost?

An answering service will typically be charged per call minute. Rates vary from $1 to $5 per minute.

How quickly can you start an answering service for contractors?

Typically our team can begin service for a contractor, such as a plumbing answering service, within a week. However, customers with larger business needs may require a longer period to begin providing services.

How do I get my messages?

After answering calls our team can log the information in your CRM or other software of your choice. Our team can work with a number of different software systems.

Do your offer answering services in foreign languages?

Yes, ICS Medical Answering Service offers several languages for our virtual receptionist service and have several bilingual receptionists on staff. Our most common foreign language offering is in Spanish.

Does your contracting business need an answering service?

The ICS Medical Answering team is here to help. Our experienced team provides top notch professional customer service for numerous businesses like yours. If you’re ready to get started call us or submit a contact form and our team will reach out.