Answering Service For Property Management

A woman working as a virtual receptionist takes customer service calls for a property management company.

From maintenance requests to leasing appointments, property management businesses receive a lot of incoming calls. It can be almost impossible to get anything done without someone available to cover incoming calls. That’s where our property management answering services can help. Let our team of call center professionals handle tenant calls and schedule maintenance staff while providing exceptional customer service.

Benefits of a Property Management Answering Service

Customized Live Support

Having a live person representing your company is much better than a preprogrammed voicemail and will help increase tenant satisfaction. A live answering service also provides more customized support since a live person can actually understand your customers needs rather that simply providing predefined options.

After Hours Answering Service

Large modern apartment complexes similar to the customers that might hire a professional answering service.

Property management is a 24/7 business. Things can and will go wrong at the worst times, but our team can help keep your mind at ease. Our answering service for property management businesses is available after hours to help field emergency calls and deploy maintenance contractors. Whether you need support 24/7 or just when your office staff leave, our team is here to help.

We Help Property Managers Save Time and Money

Don’t waste anymore time fielding tedious phone calls when you could be taking care of more important work. We handle maintenance requests, schedule appointments for showings, and take lease applications by phone. Our team will eliminate the hassle of having an expensive in house receptionist.

Capture More Leads With an Answering Service

Don’t waste your leasing agents valuable time to screen calls when our team of experts can assist callers and schedule showings. Streamline your lead capture and never miss another good opportunity in voicemail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have bilingual live agents?

Yes! Our team can offer a live answering service is several foreign languages. Our most common foreign language offering is in Spanish.

How quickly can you start service for property managers?

Typically, our team is able to onboard and begin service for a property management company within a week. For larger property management companies, the time to start service may vary based on expected call volume and service specifics.

Does your property management business need an answering service?

The ICS Medical Answering team is here to help. Our experienced team provides top notch professional customer service for numerous businesses like yours. If you’re ready to get started call us or submit a contact form and our team will reach out.